Module 4: APIs for Ad-Hoc Integrators


Suppose Mythical’s marketing manager, Sheryl, needs to create a Facebook marketing campaign to target customers between the ages of 21-28 who like to travel. Sheryl’s not a technical person, but she knows her team needs data to correlate customer information with Facebook’s marketing platform so she can reach her demographic. Requesting a new system to access this data will be a cumbersome and bureaucratic process, taking weeks to deploy. Luckily for Sheryl, Central I.T. has employed an API-Led architecture, unlocking their systems to the rest of the company to be consumed on demand in a self-service approach.

Flow designer is a simple, web-based interface for designing Mule applications for Anypoint Platform, perfect for those who are new to integration. With Flow Designer, Sheryl is able to have a guided flow design experience where she can leverage reusable API assets through a simple drag-and-drop data interface.

module4 adhoc integrator diagram

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