Module 10: API Orchestration Logic - Order Fulfillment


In this module, our focus is on the Process API layer of our API led Connectivity approach. We’ll start off by creating the implementation of our Process API: Order Fulfillment API that will accept API requests from upstream Experience APIs and orchestrate downstream System API calls to fulfill the Enterprises' Order Fulfillment business process. Furthermore, by implementing this Process API using an API led approach, we are maximizing API reusability and minimizing technical debt to support new business frontiers. You will use Anypoint Studio and leverage Exchange 2.0 to quickly create a Mule application consisting of one primary flow that exposes a single Order Fulfillment API interface that in turn, calls multiple System APIs built from prior modules. This single API interface represents the implementation of our reusable Process API. Additionally you will use APIKit (as part of your Mule application) to process REST requests, transform them to messages to be handled and processed by the primary flow.

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